Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thursday ....

Now Sir....I'm gonna take a lead in from Misha of The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and use the caption...

"Where Da White Wimmen at?"

UPDATE: Name Correction. I was erroneously calling "Snoop" Larry...My Bad. His screen name is "Snoop"!

Now Sir...Y'all gotta get on over to Political Party and read this guy!! His name is "Snoop" and he's a very intelligent, witty and funny gentleman who has some common sense and humorous views of the world and various world events.

Now amigo's & amiga's, Y'all probably guessed from the lead-in title and the photygraff that this fine gentleman is black...and that he is, however, this is one black person that hasn't fallen into the ever growing pitfall of playing the perpetual "victim" of the white man, society, the government or whatever. He speaks his mind and realizes that by constantly assuming the role of the "victimized" person of race who is "entitled" to all sorts of freebee's and benefits, that it all hurts his race and his people in the long run, and that folks of color must begin to stop blaming others for their problems and take some responsibility for themselves and their various situations. There are only two other black people I know that take this honest and realistic view, one is my Son-In-Law James, and the other is Bill Cosby, and they are both successful.

Now...just to qualify my statements so that there is absolutely no misunderstanding by any overly sensitive, Volvo drivin, pony-tailed, tree-huggin, America hatin, lifetime subscriber to the Daily Kos, Berkelyite, white-assed Democrat liberals out there who are just a lookin for some faux pas or cause to jump on so that they may add meaning and a sense of worth to their miserable empty lives, I fully realize that for many many years, black people all over this here world (and especially in these United States) have been treated very poorly in just about all aspects.

...and that back then...things were unfortunately and truly pretty much like this.....

Folks like "Snoop" are aware that it's time to stop blaming others for all the past wrongs (Sadly...of which there were many) and woe's of certain cultures, races and societies and to stand up, take responsibility in certain areas of yur life, and move forward. He takes humorous, pundit like pot-shots at everyone, politicians, celebrities, name it, and reading his various post's is most refreshing and always good fer a laff or two....

Sooo....clicky de linky I got posted above and check him out...y'all won't regret it!

According to all souces I could locate...This photo is fer real.....

"Asking a retired United States Army Sergeant to translate your Anti-American slogans for you...Priceless!"

Gleefully stolen frum Bothe over at "A Geezer's Corner"....

Well Sir...we'll continue on with some more stolen material from GUYK over at "Charming, Just Charming". He's always got sumthin worth slinkin off inta the night with....

My neighbor found out her dog could hardly hear so she
took it to the veterinarian. He found the problem was
hair in its ears and cleaned both ears and the dog could
hear fine.

The vet told the lady if she wanted to keep this from
recurring she should go to the store and get some
'Nair"hair remover and rub in its ears once a month.

The lady goes to the drug store and gets some "Nair" hair

At the register the druggist tells her "If you're going
to use this under your arms don't use deodorant for a few days."

The lady says "I'm not using it under my arms."

The druggist says "If you're using it on your legs don't
shave for a couple of days."

The lady says "I'm not using it on my legs either, and if
you must know I'm using it on my schnauzer."

The druggist says "Stay off your bicycle for a week."

Now Sir....since my main theme today is of that infamous and great classic movie, Blazing Saddles, am I the only one who notices the resemblance between the State Governor in Blazing Saddles played by Mel Brooks...and our new Governor of New York State, David Paterson???


....and...since we're on the topic of "Blazing Saddles"...who can ferget this here great scene? I think just about any man out there who has ever been on a fishin or huntin trip with his good buddies fer a few days can ralate to this....