Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weather & Muslim Religun...Biscuits/Sausage Gravy

Sorry bout bein late with t'days post but I been shuvlin out frum 6-12" o snow frum last night...drifted me right in. I live on a lake n thars nuthin ta stop the driftin snow, plus its only 12 degrees out thar. Ya know, after 9/11 I was at leest willin ta look at this chere Muslim religun with an open mind...ya know, content ta beleeve that it was all the Muslim extreemists that was pullin this deadly shit. Afterall...all religuns have extreemists...but after the deadly immature tantrums they been a throwin all o'er the wurld, I'm a startin ta change ma mind about all the Muslim religun. It's a FREEKIN CARTOON fur God's sake (or Allahs) with it.. like grown-ups...not the hystercal, pogo-stick jumpin up n down, flag burnin psycho's that y'all comin across as. Ohh...n one more thing...where's all that luv n understanin y'all sposed ta practis. Well, the wife n boys had a great breakfas this mornin, chere it is if'n y'all want it.........Biscuits n Sausage Gravy

The amounts of the following ingredients will depend on the number in your party so adjust the quantities to insure that everyone will leave the breakfast table with a full stomach.

- Package(s) of Pillsbury Grand or Buttermilk Biscuits (unless you make your biscuits frum scratch.

- 2 to 3 tubes of Pork Sausage, or any good Pork sausage you prefer.
- Milk
- All purpose flour
- Pepper

In a large frying pan (a seasoned cast iron is best but not necessary), cook the sausage over medium heat until done. At this point you can use either of the following techniques. 1) Strain all the grease from the sausage into another pan if you have one, or 2) push all the sausage meat to the part of the pan furthest away from you, then tilt the pan so that all the sausage grease settles toward you. You can then place another utensil under the far side of the pan to help it remain stable and tilted while still over the burner.

Into the hot grease, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of the flour (maybe 3 if your making a very large amount of gravy). Let the flour cook in the grease about a minute or so (this eliminates a floury taste to your gravy). Turn the heat up to medium high and start adding the milk slowly, stirring constantly. Keep adding the milk and stirring until the desired consistency of the gravy meets your liking. Combine all the sausage meat into the milk gravy, sprinkle in a small palmful a pepper to taste and keep warm on low heat.

Cook the Biscuits in a toaster oven or oven as per package directions. Serve the gravy over split hot biscuits. Biscuits and gravy goes very well with scrambled eggs and pan fries, and if you want, put some gravy on your scrambled eggs as well. Also, try to serve a good French Roast coffee with real warmed cream for a touch of New Orleans. This meal won’t help your cholesterol but it sure will taste great and stick to your ribs on a cold Fall, Winter or Spring morning. MmmmmmBoy!