Sunday, January 04, 2009

To ALL Vets, Disabled Vets, and folks that care... "A Vet's Plea".

This morning I received an E-mail from a blog buddy named "Yankee Mom". Her E-Mail was entitled "A Vet's Plea", and it contained a link to both her blog-site and that of "Greg's Notes", a Disabled Vet who is in need of some help in his life at this time.

Before I proceed any further, let me say a few things. Cookie is also an 80% Disabled Vet, and although I cannot relate directly to Greg's specific situation, I can relate to the limited income, and to certain folks telling you "Go see the VA", and his need for some financial assistance in his life at this time.

Because I am also a DAV, I will do whatever I can to assist one of my former brothers in arms in the spirit of "Semper Fi". I realize that this type of story and plea is one that did not make the evening news or local newspaper/media, so, to those of you looking for some sort of vetting or verification, I can offer none, other than this mans word. You should stop reading now if this is what you require.

In his post, which I will ask you to read (in the link I have supplied ) if you so desire, I can hear some of the bitterness that I too have felt on occasion. Remember, although Greg needs assistance with a "Legal" matter, it is because of his Service Connected Disability that he cannot work to begin with. He responded to his Country's call and has paid a price, a price we told him we would help him with when he returned.

If you are a Vet, a Disabled Vet, or a caring person who would like to help, please go to "Greg's Notes" and read "We Are Home, We Receive Disability, Where is our Help Now?".