Friday, July 17, 2009

This post is only for those who are objective and seek the truth!

For several years now I have regularly followed a blog called "Hillbilly White Trash" whose writer's screen moniker is "Lemuel Calhoon". Over these past few years I have found "Lem" to be a prolific blogger who researches his topics very well, is NOT prone to histrionic rants or forming premature opinions before all or most of the facts are apparent. In short, "Lem" has always displayed a great deal of honesty, integrity and intelligence in his posts.

I mention all this because I wanted to let my readers know what kind of writer and author "Lem" is, and like "Lem", I have, for the most part, taken a "wait and see" approach to this whole Obama birth certificate situation before I posted anything one way or the other regarding this controversial issue.

Yesterday, a fine woman named "Liz" from out in Missouri (The "Show Me" State) sent me a link to a recent article "Lem" posted on the 15th of this month which I had missed. I read "Lem's" post, "Are the Birther's right?" with great interest. His post has many inserted links to various other stories, articles and facts surrounding this controversy, in fact so many that to simply re-post his article without including all the links would be a disservice to all my readers.

So here is my challenge to anyone who sincerely seeks truth, considers themselves to be a free thinking objective individual with an open mind, and can put aside partisan politics for a spell. Use the links I have provided and go and read "Lem's" post and all the links he provides, and then ask yourself this simple question;

Why is Obama using a small army of attorneys to block the release of so many important school records, personal documents and hospital records that would clear up all the questions immediately??

Over the years I have had several State and Federal government positions, and in ALL cases I had to provide my ORIGINAL Birth Certificate, ALL my school records and various other documents to prove my statements. It would seem that someone holding the highest position in the land should also have to do the same.

As of this writting, I still have not reached a final conclusion regarding the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship as I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I and many others, including yourselves, deserve whatever facts are pertinent concerning the troubling issue. Go read his post and all the links in it's entirety and reach your own conclusion.