Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Second Warn'n fer Y'all... Don't Use ECHO commenting on yur blogs!!!

Well Sir, about a year ago this same time, I decided to go with ECHO commenting on my blog...BAD MOVE! You might recall that I had many horrible problems with it and lost all ability for folks to comment.

I repeatedly dealt with people from ECHO with virtually no satisfactory results in getting my commenting section up and running. At that time ECHO wanted just $10.00 for ONE year's service, and although I begged them, "Keep the $10.00 bucks, just get ECHO the hell outta my blog template, they said they couldn't do it. It couldn't be done!" Eventually, one young woman finally solved the problem and I've had commenting for a year now, HOWEVER, my years subscription is now up and now they want $10.00...A MONTH!

NFW "ECHO". Ain't happen'n!!

Unfortunately, my commenting is probably gone for good in that I can't seem to get back to "Blogger Commenting" because ECHO is in my template.

Soooo, if'n y'all been leave'n comments over the past few days or so and they haven't been show'n up, thats why. If the situation changes, I'll let ya know, but if'n ya needs t'get in touch with Cookie, my e-mail addy is