Monday, May 21, 2007

Add'n a new Blog to my blogroll.....

Well Sir...let me tells y'all a little story. About a year ago, during an on-line debate and verbal sparing match, I met an individual named "Gert". Gert lives in Great Britain and has his own blog called "Developing your Web Presence."

....and BTW..if'n ya been followin some of my recent posts...DO NOT confuse Gert with another individual I have recently come in contact with who is also frum Great Britain, someone named "The Sentinel". The Sentinel is an avid anti-Semite, neo-Nazi holocaust denier who spreads his venomous diatribe where-ever, and whenever the opportunity presents it self.

Now continue. When Gert and myself first met, it would be an understatement to say that we fought and disagreed like cats & dogs, oil and water. Gert and myself do not share the same views on many things. After our first few confrontations, we would occasionally run into each other at various sites we both visit, and the fireworks would begin anew.

T'is no secret that this here Cookie is a moderate conservative, and although I am not a religious person, meaning I do not affiliate or attend any organized Religion(s), I do strongly believe in a "Higher Power", whom I choose to call God. Gert on the other hand is an Atheist. Just one of the areas in which we do not see eye to eye.

Over the past year, I have gotten to know Gert a little better, and have discovered that he is an intelligent individual who really knows how to sling the English language (remember, he's British) in an intelligent, factual and organized manner. He's an honorable and worthy opponent when it comes to a debate.

Now...I could just continue on my merry way, always posting articles of a Conservative nature, but, to give my readers an opportunity to read interestin articles and opinions that are usually contrary to my own, I've decided to add Gert's blog to my blogroll....

Now of the things that Gert and myself do agree on is our disdain and contempt for hate spewing anti-Semites and their ilk. For instance, at this moment Gert has a post up, with a YouTube video included, that was posted by some vile, hate-mongerin piece of whale shit who sounds like some Nazi party official reiterating a piece of propaganda right out of WWII Nazi Germany.

So...if'n ya wanna read a well written blog, and look at certain things frum a differant view-point...sachet yurselves on over to "Developing Your Web Presence"...and remember, although Gert and I completely agree on how we feel about anti-Semites and hate mongerers, the views and opinions he expresses are NOT always the same as this author....nor do they always reflect my feelings and view-points......