Friday, September 21, 2007

Intercessory Prayer.. A Request. My best friend is gravely ill...

My friends.... I have a request for those of you that believe in a Higher Power. My life long best friend is in the Hospital in very grave condition, and there is a very good chance that he will not live much longer.

Let me tell you a little about this good man, his name is Bob Snogles. We have been best friends since age 12, having grown up together here on Oneida Lake in upstate New York. Bob and I joined the Navy together and went on Submarines together as well. He served honorably on the USS Sam Houston out of Holy Loch Scotland for much of his 6 years in the United States Navy.

After both of us left the Navy, Bob became a Fireman on the Syracuse Police Department, and I joined the Police Department. Apparently, during one of the fires Bob responded to, he was exposed to some chemical or another and both his Kidneys shut down completely, forcing him onto Dialysis for many years until he was able to have a Kidney transplant, this being some 40 years ago. During his time on the Fire Department, he helped save many a home and life.

We were fishing and hunting buddies throughout our lives, and our families are very close. He has a wife, 2 daughters and a grandchild. Recently, Bob has become extremely ill and has been hospitalized now for the past several weeks and is still in ICU, on dialysis again and in much pain and discomfort, so much so that he is on a Morphine drip. He has some sort of major internal infection and his wife informed me yesterday that he has mentally "given up" because of all the pain and sickness he is experiencing. I know it must be very bad because Bob has always been a very strong man.

I have always believed in the power of intercessory prayer, and it is at this time, that I request that those of you reading this who are inclined to, please prayer for the life of my best, and life long friend.

Thank You and may God bless you.....Cookie