Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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9/24 Newsletter

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Fred begins Campaigning in Earnest

Fred's Ahead... New Polling shows strong jump

Fred begins Campaigning in Earnest

Now that the long wait is over and Fred has officially entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, he has hit the ground running. After stops in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, Fred visited his home town of Lawrenceburg Tennessee where I had the great pleasure of seeing Fred in person. I was struck by his commanding presence... not just because of his 6'5" stature, but the easy way he had of connecting with the large crowd... transitioning from stories of his childhood and youth in small-town Tennessee, to his understand of the challenges that face our great country in the coming years. How the lessons he learned in that small town and the core values instilled by his strong parents have prepared him to lead us to meet those challenges.

Fred finished last week strong with speeches to the National Rifle Association and the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Video from each of these events may be seen on the front page of draftfredthompson.com by clicking here.

Several Polls have been released since Fred's entry into the race and the results are extremely encouraging! here's a quick sample:

Harris Poll
Thompson 32%
Giuliani 28%
McCain 11%
Romney 9%
Gingrich 7%
Paul 3%
Huckabee 3%

Rassmussen Poll
Thompson 27%
Giuliani 22%
Romney 12%
McCain 13%

Zogby/Reuters Poll
Giuliani 26%
Thompson 24%
McCain 13%
Romney 7%
Huckabee -%

Let's Finish Strong!

It's hard to believe, but September is almost over. Baseball season is winding down, football season is underway... but there's another important milestone that's upon us. September 30th brings to a close the 3rd quarter filing period for Federal Election Commission contribution reports. This is when Fred's campaign will be required, for the first time, to submit fundraising numbers. Immediately upon creation of "Friends of Fred Thompson", contributions exceeded initial expectations, which is great, but now that the filing period is drawing to a close, it's time for us all to step up and make a big push to stoke the campaign coffers. If you have been putting off making a contribution for any reason, or if you've already made one and are ready to make another, now is the time.

There are 2 ways to contribute; Either click the link in my side-bar to donate online, or if you prefer, you may download the form by clicking here, fill it out and mail it in along with your check made out to Friends of Fred Thompson.

The mainstream media is going to make a big deal about this, so it's important for us to show them what we've got and finish strong!