Sunday, November 25, 2007

UPDATE: Re: Bonus reimbursements by combat wounded Vets.. and some sex info..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Well good buddy "Sig" over at Signal 94 did some further Investigatin and Detective wurk on the matter of wounded Vets having to pay back part or all of their "Enlistment Bonus's" after having been wounded in combat and Honorably Discharged. See my post of Tuesday, the 20th if'n yur not familiar with this matter...

This appears to be one of those things that these good folks aren't aware'n ya know someone out there who has run inta this here problem, let em read this...I copied it off Sig's blog....and there's much more over there about this...

...AND...the Cookie did some investigatin on his own regarding which women were more likely to have sex on the first date....just research mind nefarious motives involved...


It appears that all the serviceman has to do is file for a waiver for the bonus repayment to be canceled. Again from

Bureaucrats and green eye shade accountants in DoD...who are dutifully following the regulations and directives written...and carefully crafted in concert with ensure DoD complied with the reams of Congressional language tied to the awarding of reenlistment avoid scandal headlines in the Washington Post...after some GAO report blasts the service for not being good stewards of taxpayer money.

Here's the real story: anytime an enlisted person accepts a bonus--in this particular case an up-front lump sum bonus for future time to be served--that service person signs a document acknowledging he/she must repay any portion of that bonus that hasn't been "repaid" through active service. Reasonable procedure to ensure all you American taxpayers get your money's worth out of our GI's.

The more reasonable procedure is the one that exists within each branch of the service whereby, with justification (and supporting documentation), the GI can submit a letter to the Secretary of his/her branch of service requesting foregiveness of that financial obligation.

This is such a routine occurance that the approval level for these kinds of waivers have been delegated down to the lowest level of political appointee within each branch (deputy assistant secretary). The process even covers situations such as your furniture shipment exceeded the allowance for your rank and you owe money to to government for excess moving costs. It can...and is...routinely foregiven.

All this wounded warrior has to do to avoid recoupment is ask.

And YA, the rules on bonuses and recoupment go much, much farther back than Bush II.


...and a HEADS-UP fer you single guys... Which woman are more likely to have sex on the first date???

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