Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fer some of y'all...here be a wake up call....

Now Sir, I know that most of my readers come over to The Shack to take a break from all the political bullshit and scary world events by gettin a little humor and maybe a laugh or two, but sometimes, Cookie feels a very strong urge to edjukate and enlighten certain folks regardin points of interest that they may not be aware of.

Now, just in case y'all think that all the various jihadi terrorist training camps are all located in Afghanistan, Iran, the mountains of Pakistan, or some other such ungodly cesspool...watch this. It's short, and indeed very enlightening....

Howdy naybor, how Y'all doin this here fine day???

Remember this quote, it may someday save your life, or someone in your family.

"Act like you are his friend, and then kill him, just like in the book."