Friday, August 14, 2009

Now... here's some one lower than Whale Shit....

But First:


The Philadelphia Eagles just signed this piece of living WHALE SHIT fer a year. Well Sir, if anyone reading this has ever owned and loved a dog, then y'all will understand when I say that not only will I never by a ticket to an Eagles game, I won't even watch them on TV until such time that he is no longer with them, and even then I won't watch them anymore, even if its a SuperBowl Game.

Now DON'T give me that; "He's paid his debt to society." Bullshit. He intentionally and with extreme cruelty killed dogs (and cats to help give the dogs a taste for blood before a fight). I'm not one of these PETA types by any stretch. I'm an avid hunter and fisherman, but when I hunt, I hunt with primitive muzzle-loading, one shot Civil War weapons on the animals turf. When fishing, much of it is "Catch & Release", except fer Walleyes, which are gladly eatin by my wife and myself.

Michael Vick is an animal of the worst kind.

Photobucket EAGLES!!!

Hmmm, this seems Par fer Californy....