Monday, August 10, 2009

OK...Time fer a little ...JERRY REED!! (and some history of Truck Convoys)

Turn yur SOUND ON and UP and enjoy!!

Now Sir...this here ain't old Jerry, but fer all you mother-truckers out there, here be CONVOY!!

Now Sir, some of Y'all out there don't recall why truckers started Convoy's t'begin with. Well Sir, back when there was a major gas shortage in the good old US of A (the 70's), laws were passed all across this here country to keep the speed limits at "a double nickel", that's 55 MPH to you. This was supposed to preserve gasoline. Truckers couldn't make much money at that speed, so they formed up small and large convoys and did whatever the hell speed they wanted to, and with so many trucks, the cops really couldn't stop em. Sooo, there be some history fer Y'all!