Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ten Tenors...A Military Tribute. Also, some "Survival" tips fer City folks.

My old acquaintance Loren Davies, an old Marine sent me this. Thought I'd share it with Y'all. Its beautiful!


Now Sir, here be some useful "Survival" tips fer all you city folks...


NOW! Here be sumthin that'll piss Y'all off big time. It happened a couple of months back but I just now found the video.


When Obama was first elected, although I had great personal reservations, I stated that I would stand behind this "man" until such time as I found reason not to. After all I reasoned, he is still my President even though I did not vote for him. After watching all his ideological actions and bullshit for these past several months, I no longer have any respect for him and in fact now have complete disdain, disgust and contempt for the "man". I still respect the Office of President, but NOT the "man" in it.

DAMN! What the hell have we done?

Well "Mr. President", here's what I gotta say to you....