Friday, January 01, 2010

Will probably lose my Comment Section after today.

Well Sir, for several years now since I first began blogging, I've used "free" HaloScan as my "Comment Section", but recently they decided to charge for their services. This hasn't set well with me, but today, I tried to try out their new services, HOWEVER, I can't get past the damnedable "Pay Pal" section to pay HaloScan. I've had nothing but frustrating problems with Pay Pal for many years now and today is a good example of those problems.

Since I can't get past "Pay Pal" to give HaloScan" some money, something HaloScan should be pissed about, it looks like I won't have an active Comment Section, so if you try to leave a comment and it doesn't appear, that's why.

Here's to both HaloScan and PayPal....