Friday, May 14, 2010

A True American Patriot, DAN MALONEY!! Let's help him get into Congress.

Well Sir, some of you may recall that some time back I was involved with two other gentlemen, Loran Davies and Leroy Bowen in getting The Military Courtesy Room started at Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, NY. While raising funds for that worthwhile project, which BTW has been very successful and well appreciated by our fine Military women and men traveling to and from their assignments throughout the world, I had the occasion to contact DAN MALONEY from a Gathering of Eagles.

Upon learning of our endeavor, Mr. Maloney and his fine organization donated to our cause and greatly helped the Military Courtesy Room become a reality. THANK YOU Dan and all the members of A Gathering of Eagles!

I recently had the honor of corresponding with Mr. Maloney regarding another matter, and learned that he has recently been taped by The Tea Party movement (of which I am a proud member) to run for Congress in the 4th Congressional District on Long Island, NY.

Not knowing that much about Dan, I went to the GOE website and his Congressional campaign website to learn more about him, and to say the least, I was very impressed with this man's credentials and his commitment to his country and community.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to this fine American patriot and ask you to take a few minutes to go to the links I have provided and read about him and what he and his campaign stand for.

Now Sir, if we are ever going to stop, and change, the present madness, runaway spending, ineptness and dysfunctional actions of our present government in Washington, we NEED to get men like Dan into office this coming November.

If anyone reading this blog-post is from the 4th Congressional District down Long Island way, I would ask you to learn more about Dan, his beliefs and campaign platform, and if possible, donate to his campaign and/or help him out by whatever means are at your disposal. I would also ask folks from outside his district to donate as well, as I will be doing.

Lets face it folks, before Obama and the Democrats take all our money and re-distribute it, we MUST act NOW... before it's too late!!

My own personal feeling are (with few exceptions), IF YOUR AN INCUMBENT, YOU'RE OUTTA THERE!!

To those of you who will be donating, and to those who will become active as one of his supporters/campaign workers, Cookie THANKS you,

and DAN, I'd like to personally thank you for stepping up to the difficult task ahead.

"He is not a politician, he is not a lawyer, he is a citizen and a patriot."