Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Get Along Home Cindy Cindy... Get Along Home Cindy Cindy..."

Well Sir....First Rosie Rottenmouth...and now Cindy the Shehagg....t'is been a great week it has...GREAT WEEK!!!!

I borrowed the followin article frum AOL.....and BTW...who can tell me who sang the song in the above title first...and who wrote it??? The winner gets an all expense paid weekend with Ms. Shehagg to help her "get back to normal".......NOT!!

Anti-War Mom Gives Up on Peace Movement


FORT WORTH, Texas (May 29) - Cindy Sheehan, the soldier's mother who galvanized an anti-war movement with her monthlong protest outside President Bush 's ranch, says she's done being the public face of the movement.

'...To Regain Some of What I Have Lost'
Sheehan's Post:
'My Resignation Letter' From the Blog:'Remember the Loved Ones'Talk About It: Post Thoughts

"I've been wondering why I'm killing myself and wondering why the Democrats caved in to George Bush," Sheehan told The Associated Press by phone Tuesday while driving from her property in Crawford to the airport, where she planned to return to her native California. "I'm going home for awhile to try and be normal," she said.

In what she described as a "resignation letter," Sheehan wrote in her online diary on the "Daily Kos" blog: "Good-bye America ... you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can't make you be that country unless you want it. "It's up to you now." Sheehan began a grass roots peace movement in August 2005 when she set up camp outside the Bush ranch for 26 days, asking to talk with the President about the death of her son,

Army Spc. Casey Sheehan. Casey Sheehan was 24 when he was killed in an ambush in Baghdad . Cindy Sheehan started her protest small, but it quickly drew national attention. Over the following two years, she drew huge crowds as she spoke at protest events, but she also drew a great deal of criticism. "I have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed and especially since I became the so-called "Face" of the American anti-war movement," Sheehan wrote in the diary.

On Memorial Day, she came to some "heartbreaking conclusions," she wrote. When she had first taken on Bush, Sheehan was a darling of the liberal left. "However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the 'left' started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used," she wrote. "I guess no one paid attention to me when I said that the issue of peace and people dying for no reason is not a matter of 'right or left', but 'right and wrong,'" the diary says. Sheehan criticized "blind party loyalty" as a danger, no matter which side it involved, and said the current two-party system is "corrupt" and "rapidly descending into with nary a check or balance: a fascist corporate wasteland."

Sheehan said she had sacrificed a 29-year marriage and endured threats to put all her energy into stopping the war. What she found, she wrote, was a movement "that often puts personal egos above peace and human life." But she said the most devastating conclusion she had reached "was that Casey did indeed die for nothing ... killed by his own country which is beholden to and run by a war machine that even controls what we think". "Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives," she wrote.

It is so painful to me to know that I bought into this system for so many years and Casey paid the price for that allegiance. I failed my boy and that hurts the most." "I am going to take whatever I have left and go home," Sheehan wrote. "Camp Casey has served its purpose. It's for sale. Anyone want to buy five beautiful acres in Crawford, Texas?"


Now Cindy...in an article I wrote to ya some time back...I made a prediction that once yur usefullness to the far left crowd is gone....you won't see hide nor hair of them anymore. They'll be a crawlin back under their rocks just a waitin fer the next poor sucker to come along. You'll be all alone in yur dark, empty, silent home...left with only yur memories of the family and son that you've lost....and eventually...even the phone calls frum the Michael Moore's and all his ilk will stop.....if'n they haven't already.....

You watch....t'is gonna happen. You were bein used Missy....used and abused. I actually feel sad fer ya...truly I do.....