Monday, December 17, 2007

Did y'all write t'Santa this year.....

Now Sir....if'n y'all wrote t'Santa this year...and ya don't get what ya wanted...this could be why....


T. "Bubba" Boudreaux, a part-time City Councilman from
Abbeville, LA, was asked on a local live radio talk show the other day
just what he thought of the allegations of torture of the Iraqi prisoners.

His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous
applause from the audience.
His reply was:
"If hooking up an Iraqi prisoner's balls to a car's battery
cables will save
one MARINE'S life, then I have just two things to say":

"Red is positive"
"Black is negative"


My sentiments exactly...... (Borrowed frum The Dread Pundit Bluto...)


Hmmm....and yet anuther "Mitticism" fer y'all....

"We should also keep Weapons of unusual Lethality off the street." ...whatever the hell that means....

If'n ya wanna read more about his asinine comment...get on over to Liz's place at White Trash Republican.... and read the whole story....


Aside frum A Christmas Story...this here trailer is about my other favorite Christmas movie...

....and whom amunst us can possibly ferget this here cute, cuddly...and absolutely terrifyin Squirrel frum National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.....???


Well be the Cookie's 41st got a few things to do today to show Mrs. Cookie how much I love and appreciate her.....