Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A rare and VERY admirable attitude...

Well Sir, a few weeks back, through happenstance, I met another blogger who is a retired US Naval Officer. His name is Tom and his blog is Dare2believe.

Liking what I was reading, I placed him into my blogroll. Yesterday, his post was about all the daunting and extremely difficult challenges facing whomever our next president elect was gonna be.

After listing an itinerary of all the various domestic and world problems our next President will face, he ended his blog-post with a statement that, in truth, I haven't heard a quite a long time.

His statement was:

"I just thought you’d like to know, that for me at least, the "deeply divided America" part stops today. Because whoever wins today, he shall receive from me, the support this seemingly insurmountable job will require from all of us.

May God Bless America."

This is reflective of a patriotic ideal and attitude that was present when I was a young man growing up. Our President, regardless of his party affiliation or policies, deserves the support of every good American. This is at the core of what America is about, "One Nation, Under God."

Anyone who reads my blog with any regularity at all knows that I was not, in any way, shape, form or manner, an Obama supporter, but now, THE PEOPLE have spoken.

Because I was so impressed with this concept that seems to have gotten lost and forgotten over the years, I wanted to share this very admirable sentiment with all my readers, and maybe, just maybe, we can begin to eliminate the divisiveness that has plagued our great Nation for some time person at a time.

Tom, I truly laud your fine attitude, and thank you for reminding me of something that had gotten lost to me over these past many years.

ADDENDUM: The other night on the O'Reilly Factor, actress Janine Turner from Northern Exposure fame made a comment that I absolutely loved. She stated, "That for an Eagle to fly, it needs both a Left and a Right Wing." Excellent analogy!

OK Mates...on the lighter side, here be one reason that women might dislike sports....