Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Silly's...

UPDATED BLOG ENTRY: Just thought that FYI, I'd share this piece of TV trivia with Y'all. This is the ORIGINAL pilot for Gilligans Island that never aired. Today, we can all hum or sing the Gilligan's Island Theme song from memory, HOWEVER, this is a theme song that y'all probably never ever heard....



A guy walks into a bar, sits down,

and asks, "Bartender, got any specials today?"

Bartender answers, "Yes, as a matter of Fact we do have a new drink, invented by
a gynecologist patron of ours. It's a mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Smirnoff Vodka."

The guy asks, "Good grief, what the hell do you call that?"

The bartender replied,

"It's a 'Pabst-Smir!"

Hey....You gave him the keys you idiot....


...and speakin of's a Great "Mustang Commercial", courtesy of my old Brothers in Blue...


...actually, back in the day, I can relate to a few situations similar to this next video...


Well Sir, I saw this on AOL and bein a cook, this here little kitchen gadget is a MUST for all kitchens, that is if'n ya don't get nauseous very easily.

I must admit, at first I wasn't sure what it was, and when I did find out its purpose, I had to laugh and then conjure up any number of scenario's in my head where I could use this to gross out some dinner guests...

In case yur wonderin just what this here thingy is with what appears to be snot running out its's an Egg Separator