Thursday, July 23, 2009

New addition to the Cookshack...and "Grumpy Old Men" out-takes.

Ever since we lost out Wolf/Dog, Czarina earlier this year, the old hacienda has felt kind of lonely, so yesterday, the wife and myself obtained a new addition to or household, a breed of cat called a "Ragdoll".

I had never heard of this breed until Sunday when one of daughters, Marie, happened to talking about a friend of hers that had recently purchased one. She informed me that this breed was first bred about 1960 and is a combination of Siamese, Persian/Angora, and what I like the most, "Maine Coon Cat" (although I'm not sure about this aspect). We had a Maine Coon Cat years ago and it wound up being my buddy, often going out in the boat with me while I fished. I always made sure to give him some of my catch and subsequently he grew to weigh a little over 25 pounds.

After much consideration regarding what to name him, we finally settled on "Mugsy". The alternatives being "Gotdammit", "little shit" or "shit-shit". Since the ladies at out vet's office might not like saying these names, "Mugsy" it is.

If all goes well, he should also grow to a weight range between 20 and 25 pounds, as indicated by the photygraffs I've included, and have an easy going laid back, friendly temperment.

So here be a photygraff of Mugsy at 9 weeks that my daughter Susan took on her I-Pod, and some pix of what they usually grow to look like.


"Grumpy Old Men" out-takes...**sigh**, two really great entertainers. Somehow, I cain't help but feel that "The Chief" frum over at "Smolderin Embers" must be just like either of these characters.