Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little nature fer Y'all.....

Although I didn't take this here photygraff, I have one very similar to it somewhere around the house. The misses and myself were up in Alaska and while riding a small skiff on the Inside Passage, had an Orca surface not to fer away and I managed to get a shot very much like this one, sunset and all.

Well Sir, this here be my new neighbor who's also a fisherman. This is a Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk), and shortly after I snapped this here photygraff, he flew off and scarfed hisself a decent sized Walley right outta the Lake. Damn, there goes dinner!


Now Sir, I saw this here pikchur on AOL t'other day, and I guess the story behind it is that this couple was up in Canada and stopped by this lake to get a photygraff of themselves with the beautiful scenery behind them. They set the self timer, and the noise it was a makin caught the attention of this here curious squirrel. I guess its been one of the most viewed photo's on the net since! Thought Y'all might just get a kick outta it!