Thursday, October 15, 2009

WTF!!, you won't believe this!!! Thank Our Military. Good video! What a Goal!!

JUST IN!!! This'll get yur panties in a bunch fer sure. Cookies pissed again!!

ACORN gets all its funding back...PLUS!!

Gotta THANK "The Chief" for making us aware of this Congressional fraud!!!

Saw this over at "Old Soldier's". Thought I'd play it fer Y'all.

I just saw on the evening news that at this time, there about 10,000 home foreclosures A DAY! A portion of these foreclosures are returning heroes, and almost all of them because folks can't find jobs, especially returning Military who have fought and sacrificed for our Freedom. BUY AMERICAN at the below listed site and start help get ALL our folks BACK TO WORK!!

..and wait'll Y'all see this 9 year old's hockey goal...WOW!!! I used to play ice hockey in my younger days here in Syracuse, both junior and senior leagues, having once pl;ayed for the old Syracuse Stars Semi Pro team. I played goalie so I know a GREAT shot when I see one..