Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Just a Good Ol Boys, never meanin no harm."

Ya know folks, we watch these various "Redneck" stunts and laugh (or shake our heads in dismay), but ya know sumthin, I don't care what y'all say, these folks know how t'have some real down to earth (literally), innocent, harmless fun by make'n do with what they got.


1) Water or Mud (sumtimes snow). Yur Choice.
2) An ATV or Pickup Truck. Again, yur choice.
3) Two Good Ol Boys (one to drive, one to Waterski).
4) Must live south of the Mason/Dixon Line (optional)
5) A little beer or "White Lightnin"., ALOT of either.
6) Didn't get past Middle School (again, optional)
7) You choose the last requirement!!


Oooops, almost fergot my daily shots at Barry Soetoro..