Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm sure Y'all will get a grunt, headshake, laugh and **sigh** outta this 3 minute video.

If this weren't so tragically true, it would be funny...or should I say funnier.

Look folks, I hate to keep goin political on yur ass's, but almost every day some completely inept Obama appointee, in this case our Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, really demonstrated his ignorance, impulsiveness and potential gross misuse of his office and our tax-payer dollars.

Since the news broke about the Arizona Immigration Law, Mr. Holder has made several public statements regarding his open opposition to it, and, by his opinion, its unconstitutionality. He has also expressed that he is contemplating suing Arizona and challenging it.

Now, here's the rub...HE HASN'T EVEN READ THE ARIZONA LAW YET!! It's only 10 pages long Mr. Holder! Talk about shooting off yur mouth before engaging yur brain!!

According to his own statement in this video, he's based his opinions of "what he's read in the newspapers and heard other people say". Ahhh excuse me Mr. Attorney General but, being a lawyer, have you ever heard of something called HEARSAY!!?? It's NOT admissible in most courts and situations, yet sir, you arrived at a personal verdict of the Arizona Law being unconstitutional based on WHAT YOU'VE READ IN THE NEWS AND WHAT YOU'VE HEARD OTHERS SAY!!! ASININE!!

Where in the hell does Obama find these people, in Bill Ayers living room??

Just watch this short 3 minute video and see what a world of shit our country is in with people like this at the helm.