Sunday, July 25, 2010

B-17 Flight, Bitter-Sweet to say the least. A life lesson relearned.

Well Sir, fer many years old Cookie had a very wise mentor in his life, Harry Shannon, who taught me many lessons, one of which was "It's OK to plan, but don't plan the results." Another way of saying that is "Don't set yourself up fer a frustration or disappointment."

Well Now, it seems that's exactly what Cookie went and did. When I had called on Wednesday of last week to confirm the B-17 flight the person I spoke with informed me that because of my previous flight experience I could sit "Right Seat" (co-pilot) and actually get my hands on the controls fer a short spell, obviously not takeoff and landing. I was absolutely elated and excited like I hadn't been fer many a year I tell ya. Well Sir, that didn't happen. FAA regulations regard'n Diabetes. DAMN IT!

Sooo, what I thought would be a true highlight in my life turned out to be just a ride on an airplane. Interesting, a little exciting, but truly NOT what I had in mind...**Sigh**. Life goes on Mates.

At any rate, here be a few pix Cookie took;

Some ugly old Navy Seabee

The "Ball Turret Gun (Belly)"

I was actually outside the aircraft taking these two pix from where the top Ball Turret gun used to be...

Now Sir, while on the flight I met this wonderful person, her name is Kathy. She was carrying a Military Flag/Photo display with her on the flight. The display had a picture of her deceased father who had served as a Navigator/Gunner on B-17s in Europe during WWII. She had brought this display with her knowing that her dad was also with her in spirit this day. I'm sure he was Kathy, I'm sure he was.

Well Sir, that's it! Semi-climactic at best. Maybe someday.....