Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh what the hell! I'm so excited I gotta share the news! Hold on to yur hats Central NY! Cookie's goin on a Bomb'n Run!

I was gonna wait and post this article tomorrow but....ahhh, to hell with it. I'm really more excited about this than I've been in years!

Well Sir, as those of you follow "Thecookshack" with any regularity know that although Cookie is an old "Bubblehead" (Submariner) and Navy Seabee, Cookie is also a WWII aviation buff, and over the years have had the good fortune to fly and/or sit "Right Seat" in several WWII Aircraft, a B-24 Liberator ( The "Diamond Lil"),

and a Fighter/Trainer, the T-6 Texan.

However, the plane that has always fascinated me the most since I was 5 or 6 years old, and has eluded me from getting my hands on the controls was the B-17 Flying Fortress. There is a story behind the reason for my fascination for this great WWII aircraft but I'm not ready to share it with anyone other than my wife for the time being. Y'all will just have to stay tuned to "Thecookshack" and maybe I'll be a tell'n ya someday.

Well Sir, as of Sunday the 25th thats all gonna change mateys! I'm guaranteed "Right Seat"(Co-Pilot) for a 45 minute flight out Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

Sooo, come Monday, I'll have some personal Pix posted of this long awaited adventure.

BTW, if'n yur a local Cookshack reader and see the "Liberty Belle" between 1:00PM and 2:00PM Sunday, it'll be Cookie at the stick!


Gotta give a big old Cookshack THANKS to my buddy Dave Brown frum up around Oswego,NY fer sending us this very useful information fer those of you who may have voted fer our current White House resident. "The BSRemoval Kit".