Thursday, July 08, 2010

Some funny commercials fer the HOT weather we be a have'n.

OK mates, had a recent couple of days where the events of the day kinda really pissed me off and I felt a very strong need to vent. OK, Rants Over! Now back to some humor....

...and we gotta bring back "Spuds" fer an encore. Alas, poor "Spuds" is no longer with us. He's gone to that big brewery in the sky.



A senior citizens' group charters an overnight gambling casino bus trip from Tampa , Florida to Branson , MO.

As they entered Missouri , an eldery woman comes up to the bus driver and says, 'I've just been molested!'

The driver felt that she had fallen asleep and had a dream. So he tells her to go back to her seat, and sit down.

A short time later, another old woman comes forward, and claims that she was just molested. The driver thought he had a bus load of old wackos, but who would be molesting those old ladies?

About 10 minutes later, a third old lady comes up and says that she'd been molested too.

The bus driver decides that he'd had enough and pulls into the first rest area.

When he turns the lights on and stands up, he sees an old man on his hands and knees crawling in the aisles.

'Hey gramps, what are you doing down there?' says the bus driver.

'I lost my toupee. I thought I found it three times, but every time I try to grab it, it runs away!'