Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting back to God and restoring Honor back to our nation.

As expected, the "lame stream media" didn't exactly know what to make of the Glenn Beck's gathering in Washington, DC this past weekend. To begin with, although the truthful crowd estimates( all one has to do is look at the video) were believed to be between 300 to 500 hundred THOUSAND folks, many of the media reported the crowd to be in "the 10s of thousands". Nuthin new here. They almost always minimize attendance size of any conservative event to attempt to marginalize what is really happened.

...and those notorious lie'n bastards at CBS reported that only 87,000 attended. Now if after look'n at these photygraffs you want to believe that then yur a completely brainwashed idiot!!

And of course OBOZO had to intimate what Glenn and company did by saying something like "he was surprised Glenn was able to STIR UP so many folks in this economy", his obvious goal being to make folks think he (Glenn) was a "rabble rouzer" or trouble maker.

Well Sir, the event was COMPLETELY NON POLITICAL. Glenn had asked folks NOT to bring any political signs or negative things, and as far as I could see from the below video, almost all folks in attendance obliged.

Now folks, this video is a little over an hour long, and I expect very few of y'all to take the time to watch it completely through, but watch what you can of it if you want to get an idea of what the rally was really all about. It was about getting us back to God and restoring Honorto our great nation. It was about how its time to stop focusing on the past mistakes our nation has made, learning from them and begin to focus on all the good we have done throughout our history.

BTW, if'n yur an adamant Obama supporter or liberal and are still reading this article, I'm completely blown away!!