Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pot Pourri...

A real "Awww Shit" moment....



I-90 will be closed tomorrow across South Dakota. They are hauling a 200 ton lump of coal so they can add Obama to Mount Rushmore.....they couldn't find a 200 ton piece of Bull-Shit.

...and speak'n of coal....


...and some Johnny Cash...

I had a "CRI"(Confidentail Reliable Informant) once "street" named "Cherokee". He turned me onto some really great drug and automatic weapons busts when I was wurk'n undercover back in the late 60's and early 70's. Of course, he kinda had to turn me onto some great busts in that I had him on an Class A Felony Drug Sale/Possession here in NY and he owed me big time if'n he was ever gonna see daylight again.

However, like most CRI's, he was as dirty as the folks he was snitch'n on and I was later arrest'n. A few years later, he was arrested for homicide out in Californy and went to Folsom Prisom where he was later killed by another inmate and every time I hear this song I'm reminded of that character. "Live by the sword, Die by the sword."


Now, a little sumthin fer all of you Midwest folks... "Velcum to Lutheran Airlines!"