Wednesday, August 04, 2010

They're out there my friends.

Regard'n this here next video, these types of calls are very real. Just ask "Sig" over at Signal94. Now this gentleman wanted a ride to....the liquor store. Of course he was obliged with a ride, but the destination wasn't exactly where he had in mind...

I got a call one night that a man wanted a ride to his girlfriends apartment because his wife had taken the car and he had no way to get there. Stated he was hornier than hell. As I was talking to him (laughing hysterically under my breath), his wife returned home and naturally she was very concerned as to why the Pooleece was there, so I told her.

About 45 minutes later got a return call regarding an assault. We wound up taking him to the hospital for facial cuts and abrasions. I was still chucklin to myself...

In yet another instance while responding to an "ambulance call-nature unknown", upon arrival myself and my partner Mike discovered a man with"Johnson" stuck in a small vacuum cleaner hose. Ahyup! You guessed it. No further description needed. Upon leaving my partner made the statement that that call had really sucked!

...and they vote!



"The eyes are the window to the soul", a quote attributed to both the Bible and later, Cicero. As a cop who had to make snap, accurate judgements regarding the type and personality of the person I was dealing with, I allowed my senses and life experiences to read what I saw in the eyes of those people, and on several occasions I'm sure it saved me bodily harm and may have saved my life.

I ask y'all, seriously, what do YOU see in this womans eyes?? Don't go intellectual on me, use the senses that your Higher Power gave ya and tell me what you feel and sense.