Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The First Lady's fashions.

Well Sir, a lady who does have some class, M.M.Mancuso, sent these here photygraffs of our First Lady's various fashion choices. Now Sir, Cookie is 66 and have been married 45 years and have three daughters, so, I believe I do know a little sumthin bout womens styles and fashion faux pas's, and here be a few.

Walmart comes to The White House.

Okaaay, green outfit, blue shoes and a very noticeable VPL!

No comment necessary.

First Lady of Spain, Princess Letizia, France's First Lady Carla Bruni, and Mrs. "O", ...hmmmm, wunder who's who?

"I wanna look like my pre-teenage daughter" dress....

...and who can ferget "The Black Widow" dress...

The "Honey, do I look like a pinata?" dress.

The Peacock look....

Puleeeeze, give me a break.....


The "Hey Mr. Chef, can I borrow yur shoes?" dress.

Wunder if'n this is the only belt she owns..?


"The Chief Said; "Actually, I feel sorry for the First Lady. She's a pretty BIG girl and I think only a circus tent might help her conceal that...."

...and SoCalPal said: "Fashion?.........damn."

...and Subvet stated; "Could her butt get any bigger? I'll bet when she hauls ass she has to make two trips."

..and Sig said: "I bet she can reverse the Moon in it's orbit with that ass."