Saturday, January 22, 2011

Verrrry Interesting! From Chinese TV; "UFO contact disclosure coming shortly frum Obama."

As Arte Johnson frum Laugh-In used to say, "Verrry Interrresting!

Well Sir, I found this article from Chinese National TV stating that in the very near future Obama will begin full disclosure about UFO's and alien contact with earth. My amigo David Brown, a retired HS Biology teacher and an acquaintance of the now deceased famous astronomer Carl Sagan sent it to Cookie.

David is an AVID (to say the least) believer in UFO's and alien civilizations. Now, I must admit that I find this topic most interesting and years back, did in fact observe several UFO's in the sky across the lake which I live on, Oneida Lake. There were also many other persons who witnessed, and video taped these anomalies.

Before proceeding further let me state on fact. UFO simply means an "Unidentified Flying Object"! It DOES NOT mean extraterrestrial spacecraft or alien craft. It simply means an object that is not identifiable at that moment. These two terms (UFO and Extraterrestrial Craft) have, over the years become synonymous with one another and that is a mistake.

Since my teen and pre-teen years the UFO topic has fascinated me. I not only subscribe to the MUFON( Mutual UFO Network) Journal to keep abreast of new sightings and information, but also watch all the HISTORY Channel specials regarding "Ancient Aliens" and recent documentaries, HOWEVER, being an old detective, I require concrete and tangible proof of their existence, not just photos (that could be doctored), conjecture and anecdotal accounts (people lie).

The "Drake Equation" would suggest that there are indeed MANY civilizations out there, and when one thinks about it, given the scope and breadth of the Universe, it would egotistical and elitism for mankind to think otherwise.

There is indeed volumes of "circumstantial" evidence to suggest both past and present contact by UFO's and Alien civilizations, but like in a court of Law, one CANNOT be convicted on "circumstantial" evidence ALONE. There must be solid corroborating evidence.

Has there been government(s) coverup over these past 60 years or so since Rosewell, NM, I suspect yes, but again, where is the absolute bedrock evidence. Show me an actual captured extraterrestrial craft I can put my hands on or an Alien body (living or dead), you know, sorta like Obama's Birth Certificate.

So, if there is anything to this Chinese news report, things should get interresting over the next few months. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Vigilis Commented:

"Cookie, over 3 decades ago, I had come to a conclusion that disclosure of an alien race would more than likely be used as a "last resort" political tool by unscrupulous leadership to retain power indefinitely and invoke unpopular (and no doubt unconstitutional measures). Also, i am not afraid of aliens and willing to fight for our rights.

In recent years world governments acting in concert through the U.N. have attempted to instill one kind of grim fear after another into the public. You must remember nuclear proliferation in the cold war, the impending Ice Age in the 50s, Global Warming (climate change currently), collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world's most stable currency, bird FLU, swine FLU, and this year's UKF (unnmaed killer flu).

The Chinese story lacks credibility. Many Chinese can speak excellent English, yet where's the translation. Where was the announcement during the recent Chinese state visit?

Now, unless the aliens in question were Harvard professors (quite possible), or were partners in a major law firm, even a 'popular' president like Obama would be out of line inviting them to the White House and trying to get a treaty worked out with them without congressional approval.

If, on the otherhand, Obama received advice from the aliens that the U.S. should disassemble its nuclear weapons, turn its sub fleets into razor blades, open its borders, offer more enitlements, impose stricter environmental regulations, takeover the foreclosed homes to give away as it sees fit, and generally turn us into an East Germany type of regime, I am looking forward to hearing his speech."