Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obama's openly disrespected by Chinese President. A heads up regard'n yur cell phone photo's.

At the State Dinner that The Obama's held for the Chinese president at The White House, the Obama's (and our country) were openly disrespected by the Chinese President who kept the Obama's waiting. Don't get me wrong, if anyone SHOULD be disrespected it's Obama and ilk, however, this slight also splashed over onto all the rest of us.

There is video of the Obama's being kept waiting but it seems the "Lame-Stream" media are very busy disabling the "embed" codes so the videos can't easily be shown on the blogs (at least at this writing). The best I could find was this link.

Diss? Chinese President Keeps Obamas Waiting at State Dinner.



OK, now fer somethin "lighter".... Always enjoyed this one!!


What John Wayne wanted for his daughter. We lost one hell of a man, a patriot and a hero when "The Duke" passed on.


Gotta give a big old Cookshack THANKS to Richard frum down Kentucky way for making us all aware of this. Your cell phone pix are giving the exact location each photo is taken at, like your home, where your kids are, where ya work, where ya are at any given moment etc..


Often wundered how the Irish dance got started.....


Hmmm, nice extras...


WOW! This is the best pool shot ever made by a naked white chick.