Thursday, January 06, 2011

Goodbye old friend! Our Bone-Headed President! World's luckiest men.

The USS Kittiwake (1946-1994), Submarine Rescue Ship. Did some exercises with her back around 64 or so. She was intentionally sunk off Cayman Isl. for divers and to help form artificial reef's.

...and the first dive on her.


All the media (with only a few exceptions) talk about how smart Mr. Obama is (notice I didn't title him President). Well, there once was a time when just about every
6th grader knew the facts that Obama had to be informed about in this letter from Congress.

Among several other things, he didn't even know what our National motto is.

I don't think that there is a day that goes by that I don't despise and detest this man even more!

Congress corrects President Obama

Not much media coverage on this...

This is an actual letter sponsored by Michelle Bachmann and others in Congress.
Since the contents of the letter and what it represents are not getting any national media coverage, it is good to know that the letter is now and forever part of the public record, for future generations to read.

Read letter: Michelle Bachman Letter to President Obama.

Gotta Thank my buddy "The Chief" fer send'n me this.

Worlds luckiest men. Wunder how many of these guys had t'change their skivvies afterwards??

Australian Track Inspector

Watch the cyclist.