Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Whats a "Buggin" me.....Southern Fried Chicken

I magine that most a y'all know that whene'er yur tawkin on the phone, say with Bubba or Ferd, n y'all tawk bout the kinda gun yur gonna use this chere huntin seezon, or ya menshuns "nucular" somethin or nuther (God forbid), yur imediatly bein monitored by an NSA listinin post up in Canada...So..if'n ya didn't know that, ya duz now. As I said before, I don't side with nuthin the ACLU says or duz, (n'fact.. I'd luv ta take a few of em huntin with me...) but it just bugs ( pun intended) the hell outta me that someone's a listinin to me, n there aint no one wachin them. There's gotta be somethin better than self imposed oversight n restrictshuns on the part of any guverment agensy. I know this ain't a popular way a thinkin n all but..I guess thats jus my way o howz bout some good ol down home cookin..................... SIMPLE SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN

What makes this recipe and technique so appealing and tasty is its simplicity. A good friend of mine from Logan, West (By God) Virginia, showed me this while I was a visitin n Boar huntin with him many years back.

Simply take a little salt (very small palm-full), and a very very large palm-full o pepper (ya cain’t never use too much) n mix em both in with a few cups a flour n put it all in a large zip-baggie or old clean bread wrapper. Now, put yur chicken pieces inta the baggie, close, n shake till all pieces are thoroughly coated with the flour mixture.

Heat about ½ inch of vegetable or Peanut oil in your Cast Iron skillet along with about ¼ cup of Bacon grease “if’n ya got some.”

When the oil is hot (Medium-High), add the chicken pieces and fry until one side is a deep golden brown. Turn the chicken pieces over, LOWER HEAT TO LOW, and fry that side to a deep golden brown. Takes 30 to 35 minutes to completely cook. “If’n y’all see blood, turn it agin.”

** If you fried in a skillet, here’s a gravy technique**

Leave enough grease in the skillet after you’ve fried and removed your chicken and add 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of flour to the grease. While on medium high heat, stir constantly (use a fork if possible) until dark golden brown. Add water (start with a little and increase to desired texture) and while continuing to stir, cook until the gravy will just easily run off the spoon. Salt & Pepper to taste. Use your gravy for the chicken (if you want) or over any potatoes or rice you might also be cooking.


1) Combine your flour, salt & pepper in a large “zip-lock” baggie.
Leaving enough room to add & shake chicken in.
2) Bring your chicken & Bacon grease along in a cooler to prevent spoilage.
3) Bring along your cooking oil & utensils, Cast Iron skillet and
fresh water (fer Gravy).