Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A brief thank you to the Republican Party's Best Friend..JOHN KERRY

...and ya gotta love the response frum our great fightin men & woman....

Well we all know by now...John Kerry got another bad case of "Athlete's Mouth" from stickin his foot in it agin. Being a DAV I naturally took great exception to his comment...mistake or not. What a SCHMUCK!

Somethin to ponder....if'n this idiot (nicest word I could put in print) would aspire to be the next President of this great country...he outta learn just how negative the consequences can be for a misspoken wurd, sentence...or "a blown joke" (right).

So here's just a photygraph and a cartoon and to commemorate his "faux pas"....

...Kerry's resolution for next years Halloween. Ain't that him on the left?

...and what I hope is a prophesy for this years election results regardin the Dimocratic outcome...thanks John. BTW John...can ya tell me what Port and Starboard mean???