Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some nostalgiasizin..3 great OBG's..some trivia..and How t'relieve yurself on a Sub..

Well Sir...having sorta gotten inta this here trivia brought back a few fond memories...and there ain't nuthin like an OBG (Oldie But Goody) to help ya clean out the corners of yur mind...

I can remember when I was stationed in New London, Conn...

...the "Bouyant Ascent Training Tower... old training "Recompression Chamber" used to make sure ya could take the pressure, and t'see if'n ya were claustrophobic..

I still had a Powder Blue 57 Chevy Convertible(Which I've cursed myself a thousand times fer ever sellin it)...fender skirts and all. Old sayin.."when ya had skirts...ya got skirts"

....and myself and a few of the guys from the boat would drive on over to Misquamicut, RI. fer the weekend and do what young sailors do while on Liberty....Y'all get that picture I'm sure. There used to be a Boardwalk style amusement park there then....don't know if'n it's still there or not...but we'd cruise the street during those warm Summer nights by the Ocean....ah yes...American Graffiti...and more times than not...this here song would be playin on the little AM radio....




Some Golden Oldie's trivia fer y'all....don't peek at the answers....

Welcome to 'The Doo-Wop Oldies Quiz.' Take the quiz and see how you score as a true 'Oldies Fan'. Write down your answers and check them with the answers below.

1. When did 'Little Suzie' finally wake up? a) The movie's over, it's 2 o'clock b) The movie's over, it's 3 o'clock c) The movie's over, it's 4 o'clock

2. 'Rock Around The Clock' was used in what movie? a) Rebel Without A Cause b) Blackboard Jungle c) The Wild Ones

3. What's missing?____ Baby, Earth_____, _____On My Shoulder a) Angel b) Sweetheart c) Honey

4. 'I found my thrill...' where? a) Kansas City b) Heartbreak Hotel c) Blueberry Hill

5. 'Please turn on your magic beam, _____ _____, bring me a dream' a) Mr. Sandman b) Earth Angel c) Dream Lover

6. For which label did Elvis Presley first record? a) Chancellor b) RCA c) Sun

7. He asked, 'Why's everybody always pickin' on me?' Who was he? a) Bad Bad Leroy Brown b) Charlie Brown c) Buster Brown

8. Bobby Darin's 'Mack The Knife', the one with the knife, was named: a) MacHeath b) MacCloud c) MacNamara

9. Name the song with 'A-wop bop a-loo bop a-lop bam boom'? a) Good Golly Miss Molly b) Be-Bo p-A-Lula c) Tutti Fruitti

10. Who is generally given credit for the term 'Rock And Roll'? a) Dick Clark b) Wolfman Jack c) Alan Freed

11. In 1957, he left the music business to become a preacher. a) Little Richard b) Frankie Lymon c) Tony Orlando

12. Paul Anka's 'Puppy Love' was written to what star? a) Brenda Lee b) Connie Francis c) Annette Funicello

13 The Everly Brothers are... a) Pete and Dick b) Don and Phil c) Bob and Bill

14. The Big Bopper's real name was: a) Jiles P. Richardson b) Roy Harold Scherer Jr. c) Marion Michael Morrison

15. In 1959, Berry Gordy Jr. started a small record company called... a) Decca b) Cameo c) Motown

16. Edd Brynes had a hit with 'Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb'. What TV show was he on? a) 77 Sunset Strip b) Hawaiian Eye c) Surfside Six

17. In 1960 Bobby Darin married: a) Carol Lynley b) Sandra Dee c) Natalie Wood

18. They were a one hit wonder with 'Book Of Love.' a) The Penguins b) The Monotones c) The Moonglows

1. c) The movie's over, it's 4 o'clock;
2. b) Blackboard Jungle
3. a) Angel
4. c) Blueberry Hill
5. a) Mr. Sandman
6. c) Sun
7. b) Charlie Brown
8. a) MacHeath
9. c) Tutti Fruitti
10. c) Alan Freed
11. a) Little Richard
12. c) Annette Funicello
13. b) Don and Phil
14. a) Jiles P. Richardson
15. c) Motown
16. a) 77 Sunset Strip
17. b) Sandra Dee
18. b) Monotones

OK...fer those of ya that mighta read my account of "Oh Man...I'm in real deep shit now" or "How to cover the COB (Chief of the Boat...or Crazy Old Bastard, dependin on yur point of view) with shit",
...and mighta wondered just how one has a "Bowel movement" on a Submarine...

Courtesy of my good mate Myron over at Myrons Random Thoughts...Here's what was involved to just take a crap with an "Air Expulsion Head" on a Submarine, instructions included....and some a you guys thought life on an old "Fleet Boat" was easy....Geeesh..

9F1. Expulsion type head. There are two air expulsion type water closets (heads), each

Figure 9-3. Expulsion type head.

fitted with an auxiliary hand pump, one in the crew's quarters, and one in the after end of the maneuvering room. (See Figure 9-3.)
The water closet installation consists of a toilet bowl over an expulsion chamber with a lever and pedal controlled flapper valve between, which is weighted to hold water in the toilet bowl and seats with pressure of the expulsion chamber.

Each installation operates as a separate unit with its own flood, blow, and discharge lines. The toilet bowl is provided with a sea flood with stop and sea valves. The expulsion chamber has a discharge line with swing check, gate, and plug cock valves. The blow line to the expulsion chamber receives air through a special rocker valve which, when rocked in one direction, admits air from the low-pressure air service line into a small volume tank until a pressure of approximately 10 pounds above sea pressure is reached. When rocked in the opposite direction, the rocker valve directs the volume of air into the expulsion chamber. A sea pressure gage, a volume tank pressure gage, and an instruction plate are conveniently located.

Before using a water closet, first inspect the installation. All valves should have been left shut. Operate the bowl flapper valve to ascertain that the expulsion chamber is empty.

Shut the bowl flapper valve, flood the bowl with sea water through the sea and stop valves, and then shut both valves. After using the toilet, operate the flapper valve to empty the contents of the bowl into the expulsion chamber, then shut the flapper valve. Charge the volume tank until the pressure is 10 pounds higher than the sea pressure. Open the gate and plug valves on the discharge line and operate the rocker valve to discharge the contents of the expulsion chamber overboard.

...and Gentlemen...should there be any female personnel on board, please leave the seat down.

...and if'n ya did things wrong...we used t'call it gettin a "Fleet Enema"....

Just in case you wuz ever wonderin.....