Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fred... In my book.. one of the best Christmas presents ya can give yurself...

Well Sir...I know it's that special time of the year and all, and we're all busy shoppin & doing all that thar Christmas stuff...but right now Fred is on a roll gettin all kinds of great write-ups and endorsements frum folks that exhibit a good quantity of good old fashioned patriotism and common sense....

If'n ya like t'call yurself an informed voter who has the ability to look at, LISTEN and THINK about what the various candidates have t'say...take a couple of minutes and clicky de linky below and get better informed regardin this honest, forthright man who literally exudes integrity...



Sensing Fred's momentum, CBS News reported Fred supporters heard "a leaner, more applause-line heavy stump speech", loaded with "national security and shots at the Democrats."
"Our fundamental principles are under assault from a left-wing, big government, high taxing, weak on national security Democratic Party," [Fred] said to sustained applause.

The Des Moines Register reports Fred was "buoyed by the positive reviews of his performance at last week's GOP presidential debate in Des Moines and the endorsement Monday of Iowa's U.S. Rep. Steve King, who is well known in the state as a social conservative strongly opposed to illegal immigration."

"How are you going to stand up to the leaders of Iran and North Korea if you can't stand up to an overbearing moderator?"

Political columnist David Yespen writes, "Thompson has sensed an opening in Iowa, and he's moving decisively to exploit it. The opening arises from a combination of Romney's changes of position on social issues and Huckabee's stumbles on foreign-policy questions and immigration."

Support was so strong, even The New York Times applauded Fred! They described his presence this way : "His voice booming and words wry and fiery."

Check back each day for new video blogs like this from the trail to get a behind the scenes look what's going on in Iowa.

And don't miss this fantastic video from Iowa Congressman Steve King, a hero of conservative Iowans. Congressman King has been a champion for securing America's borders and restoring the central pillar of America, the rule of law.