Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Found these photygraff's most interestin... and a little sacrilegious joke...

UPDATE: One of my readers just informed me that the below Aircraft is "a Fake", a movie prop as it turns out. He "Snoped" it and learned the truth, something I usually do, but neglected to do this time, although I should have. Sorry....I'll leave it up anyhow.....what the hell....

Well Sir...as most of ya already know...even though the Cookie was on "the Boats" and in the Navy Seabee's, he's also an aviation enthusiast. I just love to fly, so, when a friend of mine, Davey "Bubba" Brown sent me this...WOW!!! What a beautiful lookin aircraft.... I imagine some a you old "Airdale's" out there will get a woody lookin at this....

The plane in these pictures is still officially the 'Air Vehicle Number 1',
a prototype, on board the USS George Washington CVN-73 for catapult fit

Not exactly Top Secret but certainly not yet made public.

It will be known as the F/A-37. Although specs are
classified, it is believed to be Mach 3.5 (top speed in the
Mach 4 range), super-cruise stealth
fighter/bomber/interceptor with approximately a 4,000nm
range. Awesome!



A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak.

After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done.

The monsignor replied, "When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip."

So next Sunday he took the monsignor's advice.

At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink.

He proceeded to talk up a storm.

Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door:

1) Sip the vodka, don't gulp.

2) There are 10 commandments, not 12.

3) There are 12 disciples, not 10.

4) Jesus was consecrated, not constipated.

5) Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass.

6) We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C.

7) The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior and the spook.

8) David slew Goliath; he did not kick the shit out of him.

9) When David was hit by a rock and was knocked off his donkey, don't say he was stoned off his ass.

10) We do not refer to the cross as the "Big T."

11) When Jesus broke the bread at the last supper he said, "Take this and eat it for it is my body." He did not say "Eat me".

12) The Virgin Mary is not called "Mary with the Cherry"..

13) The recommended grace before a meal is not: Rub-A-Dub-Dub thanks for the grub, Yeah God.

14) Next Sunday there will be a taffy pulling contest at St. Peter's not a peter pulling contest at St. Taffy's.

Authors Note: If'n this was about Islam instead of Catholicism....Muslims all over the world would be calling fer my head about now....