Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Traditional Irish Breakfast fer me wife....

Well was my wife and myself's 42 Anniversary, have'n been hitched on this date in 1966, so, t'celerbrate, I decided to surprize me Irish lass of a wife with a real, traditional Irish Breakfast (she's been t'Ireland so she knows what they are). I had found a great Irish Food store on-line and placed my order about 2 weeks ago.

So, fer the breakfast, I prepared and cooked "Rashers" which is a type of bacon, White Pudding, Black Pudding, Irish Sausages, Scones, a toasted Wheaten bread and fried eggs...WOW! Talk about a high salt content...but what the hell, this only comes once a year so we'll just take some "water pills" tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar with Irish food, "Rashers" are somewhat similar to Canadian Bacon..BUT, the trick is to cook them until they are nicely browned..AND chewy. Do not overcook as past experience has taught me that they do not taste good when crispy.

Now Sir, some of Y'all might be askin, "What is Black and White Pudding?" Well, some of ya might just wanna stop readin right c'here. Black Pudding is really called "Blood Pudding" and is made from various pig components...and...Pig's blood. White Pudding is pork based (and has NO blood), and contains several different fillers. BOTH ARE VERY DELICIOUS!! If you serve the Black Pudding someday to an unfamiliar guest and they inquire "Whats this made of?", don't tell em! It might put em off their appetite. The Irish sausages are also very delicious and are pork based. Cook the Puddings and the Sausages in a "Knob" of good Irish butter...and the key is to cook GENTLY. BTW, most grocery stores now carry real Irish Butter. Also, add a quartered Tomato to the fryin pan with the cooking Puddings, and Sausages and cook that till browned. Let me tell y'all, the flavors meld very nicely.

Fry your eggs in the remaining butter with the Puddings, Sausages and Tomato...Mmmmmm Mmm!

And then, while all this is a cookin, warm up some good Irish beans and place those on the plate as well

Toast the scones and the Wheaten Bread....and ENJOY!!!