Friday, January 16, 2009

7 things bout Cookie..Y'all just might get a kick outta these, and young Islamic education!

Well Sir, whilst readin my online buddy Tom's blog over at Dare2believe, he tagged the Cookie to write out 7 things that folks just might know (or not) about me.

Now Sir, Tom is a retired Naval Commander, and this here Cookie man was a Navy Submariner..AND a Navy Seabee, and as such I've always had the highest respect fer Naval Officers, cept fer one(1), which brings me to the first thing about me...

1) We had a young Navy Lieutenant JG (Junior Grade) report on board the first Sub I was one, and he turned out to be a real prick...with a capital P. He just couldn't understand the relaxed, informal relationships between submarine Officers and the enlisted men on board. Ya gotta know that enlisted personnel on "the Boats" were/are, the top 1% of the Navy, and as such, were treated accordingly by our officers.

This particular Officer, being the prick he was, just couldn't understand this, so he deserved some "come-uppence". So, at The Submariners Ball in New London, Conn., (which BTW is/was a really big deal in the State) myself and a grizzly old Engineman named "Ky", managed to hook up this A-Hole "JG" with a cross dressing transvestite. Oh...they danced the night away, kissed a few times on the ballroom dance floor(something which caused more than a few of us who knew what was going on , i.e. the entire crew, to become rather nauseous), and eventually left together. There's a little more to this story but y'all will have t'ask me the outcome.

2) Cookie, havin been a Homicide Detective Sergeant fer 16 years of my career, once got into a shootout in one our city's "bad" neighborhoods. As my partner and myself approached our suspect, he pulled out a .32 Cal handgun and let one round go in our direction. Myself, my partner, and two uniformed Officers, although surprised, we returned fire. Out of 16 rounds fired, only one hit the suspect and that was mine, and it hit him the left side of his ass. Guess ya could say I shot his ass off.

3) Had a Police Lieutenant who was also givin Cookie a hard time. I nicely asked him to lay off, he refused. I proceeded to get a pair of panties from a hooker who was an informant of mine and put them under the front seat of his personal car (passenger side). A few days later, he came to work, obviously troubled and stating he and his wife were having problems. I then asked him if it had anything to do with the panties under his front seat. He NEVER screwed with Cookie again.

4) Cookie likes to get even with people (and there is still one person out there who has a big one coming. Revenge is a "dish best served cold!").

5) Cookie LOVES to bust Marine's balls.

6) Cookie doesn't like to be messed with (except in fun by old Marines from Illinois, San Diego or Florida).

7) OH...Did I mention that I like to get even with folks when they've pissed me off.

Well Sir...that's about it, so, I guess I'll pass this on to "Subvet" and "Sig"

Also...Number 8) might just be that I really used t'hate it when they served beans on the Boat....

_______________________________________ last thing. Where is the hell is the outrage from the protestors, the left and our left leaning MSM when it comes to teaching this horrific stuff to young, impressionable children? I wonder what they would teach their young children if they weren't a Religion of Peace?

**Chirp...chirp...chirp...chirp*** Sounds like crickets to me...

Copied from The Jawa Report.