Monday, February 23, 2009

INSANITY!!! Does anyone else see and feel what I am??

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Well Folks, as most of you know, a "Blog" is sorta like a diary fer folks to put their thoughts and ideas inta print. Some folks, like Cookie, have opted to use my blog to, for the most part, post humor, cartoons and anecdotes that tend to bring a smile to someones face. I've chosen this format because there is so much seriousness and negative/depressing news on many of the other blogs and "News Sites" that many folks have told me that they visit my blog regularly so as to take a break from it all. For my own personal comic relief from the insanity of this new administration and the world, I regularly visit my buddy "The Chief's" blog. Now, there is more than enough insanity over at "The Chief's" place as well, but at least he's a funny nut-case".

OK, to my point. I'm not going to belabor all the instances and events of left (and in a few cases- Right) wing insanity we have been seeing/reading for the last couple of years as I'm sure if you've been reading and keeping up with things that you are completely aware of them. I have found that by-and-large, most bloggers keep current on the events of government and politics. I'm not going to target various Democrats or Republicans for what has been going on (although I have my own idea's). God knows there is more than enough blame to go around, and I prefer to stick with a saying the Japanese have (which I really like), "Fix the problem...NOT THE BLAME."

Common sense seems to have almost completely disappeared, especially in governments, and priorities have been turned upside down. All one has to do is watch a few Glenn Beck shows, or an honest newscast (also very rare) and the news is most depressing and indeed very scary. BTW, when Glenn first got his own TV show on FOX at 5PM, I watched him very regularly, but what I've found is that although Glenn has been great for raising the alarm and making us aware of many political and National events/actions/bills/stories that the MSM intentionally ignore, and/or omit, he doesn't seem to offer any solutions. Because I find that after each of his shows I am left with feelings of despair, loss, and hopelessness, I stopped watching him for awhile. Yes Glenn, I'm aware there are dire problems but give me some suggestions as to how I (little old me) can do something about it.

My question to all of you is this. Is anyone else as concerned and scared about what the hell is happening in our once great country as I am? Where have all the time proven positive values, traditions and ethics that I grew up with gone? This IS NOT the country I grew up in and fought for.

We have moved into an entitlement philosophy where huge portions of the population are now having their need's met through the labors of the rest of us. I've often thought that should an alien race of people ever come to our planet knowing nothing about us, they would see some folks not working at all and having their needs met by government, and they would also see the other folks working everyday and, in effect, supporting the folks receiving entitlements. Their conclusion could only be that the folks receiving government assistance from having their housing, food, education and health care paid for by the workers, are somehow "special, or elite", and/or, the working half must be slaves. Their next question would be, "Just what on Earth is the incentive for some folks to labor daily only to be forced to give portions of their earnings to the government for "re-distribution" to these "special "people? What do they receive in return for their hard work?

There are many of you reading this who are of my generation, and guess what, there's fewer and fewer of us everyday mates! Many of us fought in conflicts all around the world to maintain and protect the Constitution of these United States and our freedom as a people. I don't know about anyone else, but lately, hardly a day goes by that I don't see those freedoms quietly and steadily slipping away or compromised, and most troubling, our Constitution is being usurped and/or ignored, by both parties BTW. Look at the "Fairness Doctrine" and how it will limit Freedom of Speech. The constant attacks on our Constitutional right to "keep and bear arms." The recent move that Rahm Emanual of the Obama administration just did by moving the Census Bureau into (and under control of) the White House. If your not sure what that means, research it to see how various elections can now be influenced and controlled.

I'm not even going to go into the MASSIVE "porkulus" Stimulus Package that was recently signed into law and approved by a Congress that, by their own admissions, didn't even read it thoroughly, or at all. BTW, this was a package that most polls I have seen and read about have shown that a majority of Americans were against it, but, since polls can be influenced and controlled to certain degrees, I'll have to take that info with a grain of salt. So, if the polls are correct, another question is..."Where was our representation in the government regarding this disastrous bill?"

Now Sir, I guess that I am but yet another Glenn Beck who rightfully makes us aware of what is going on, raises alarms and concerns, but can offer no concrete solutions. I'd love to be able to offer out some suggestions and solutions, but I'm just a simple man who knows when there is a skunk in the wood-pile and that something has to be done. I, and I'm sure many of you as well, don't want to hear that old worn out cliche', "Contact/write your Congress-person or representative with your concern"). Frankly, I see almost all of our politicians as people who are only out to fatten their wallets, increase their holdings and attain more Power/Influence (the ultimate corrupter). It appears that they could literally give a shit about the folks who elected them. Does anyone else think the system may be broken and corrupted?

Blog, after blog, after blog posts stories on a daily basis about what is happening in our country, mostly by folks like myself who have a relatively good working knowledge of history, can see what is happening and want to take an active part in addressing these problems. People like myself that are more concerned about the United States of America and NOT who won "Idol" last night, or whether or not Brittany had on panties yesterday. What we don't have is a leader, or a central organization that can bring all of us together (especially bloggers) in one unified front and say STOP, ENUFF OF THIS INSANITY!! But...then again, who knows, maybe I'm the one who is insane and alone in my thoughts. Does anyone else feel as Powerless as I do?

I leave you with this one last question, a symbolic question that goes more to the heart of our ethics, values and traditions that helped guide us in our daily lives and we once prospered under in this nation for so long.....



BTW, a friend of mine, David Brown from Oswego, NY sent me this video sometime after I posted the above concerns. This is Allen Keys, and I ask you to listen closely to what he says. A small part of this video deals with Obama's legal right to be President, and truthfully, I don't think anyone (except Obama) knows whether or not that is true, so you can disregard it if you wish, BUT all the other things the man says are simple everyday basic mathematics and common sense, so I guess that at least one other person is seeing the insanity I'm seeing.