Monday, August 17, 2009

Which one of the people in these photygraffs scares ya the most

OK, which of the people in the followin photygraffs scares y'all the most??

First we have Clyde Barrow from Bonnie & Clyde fame. Killed a lot of lawmen and some innocent folks.

Next we have Ted Bundy, one of the most vicious and cunning Serial Killers to ever come along. Responsible fer the death of many women across the country!

...and almost everybody recognizes "Billy the Kid".

This next person is Dr. Josef Mengele. Mengele was the notorious and infamous Doctor from Aushwitz concentration camp who decided who lived and who died. He also performed some of the most cruel operations and experiments on young children ever recorded.

This here next character is Dion Obanion, a murderin gangster from the 1930's who fought gang wars with Al Capone.

...and who can ferget Butch Cassidy, notorious bank and train robber from the old west.

Now Sir, this here next person is Albert DeSalvo, better known as The Boston Strangler. DeSalvo is alleged to have brutally killed and disemboweled many women in Boston.

...and of course John Dillenger, the notorious gangster frum the 1930's.

Now Sir, this here next bank/train robber is none other than Harry Longbaugh, better known as "The Sundance Kid".

...and finally we have Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff.

...and of course Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House.


I can tell y'all which one of these notorious, famous and infamous characters scares the livin B'Jesus outta me.