Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DHS designated "Terrorists"


My good friend Susan Gertson frum down Texas way recently sent me some extremely disturbing photygraffs of the DHS designated "Terrorist" protesters who gathered over a million strong ( **this figure came from Washington DC Law Enforcement representatives, so don't believe the head count the MSM told ya** ) this past weekend in Washington, DC.

These photygraffs are VERY intense and will certainly be disturbing to certain viewers. These are actual pictures of the most motley group of "Thugs" and Pelosi designated "Mob" and "Nazi's" I have ever seen. Even this old veteran Homicide Investigator who has seen and witnessed more than most folks was deeply shocked and horrified!

Again I say to you, PROCEED AT YUR OWN RISK!!



Although my feeling and thoughts regarding MR. Obama are well know and documented, I do have to thank him for doing sumthin that few others have been able to accomplish. In the 8 short months since his, he has managed to unite true patriots from across the great nation. THANK YOU MR. OBAMA, THANK YOU!!!