Thursday, September 10, 2009

A very fine organization that really supports our troops!

How To Support Our Troops WITHOUT GIVE'N MONEY!!

I can't help but recall that when this old Cookie was in the Navy stationed on various foreign shores and locales around the world, one of the thing we had to look forward to is a USO show where you could get some great entertainment from back home in the good old US of A.

Now Sir, I know that times are tough, fer just about everyone, includin the Cookie and his wife, but there are some thing y'all can do to help out this great organization and support our troops other than give money, something I try to do when I can, but can't always do, like now.

One of the things that some of you bloggers can do is put up a post like this with the following links and info. The more folks that read these type of posts, the better the odds that some other patriotic American will do sumthin good.

The main USO site is at where you can get further info about the USO and connect to several other supporting links.

Now Sir, another link where you can find other links to Thank The Troops or read messages from them is right c'here.

...AND here be a real great link to the Armed Services Blood Program where y'all can find out about giving some live giving blood for a badly wounded warrior!

So mates, if'n Y'all can't afford a little donation, maybe you can give sumthin a lot more personal to our brave fighting men and women.

Thanks fer yur time mates.....