Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lost my Cookshack E-Mail and "Back-Up" file!

UPDATE: Well folks, after being On-Line with AOL since 10:15 AM this morning, I THINK (only think mind ya...Knock on wood), that I finally solved the E-mail problem. Had to go through three (count em folks) 3 On-Line Tech supports to finally find one that knew what the hell she was doing.

I made the faux pas of calling the AOL Tech Support phone number, only to learn that to speak with LIVE tech support, I had to open an account and PAY FOR IT! Bullshit!!

I was forced to settle with typing out my complaint(s) and all further communication throughout the morning and most of the afternoon....3 FREAKING TIMES!! My good friend John Yowen, who knows just about everything there is to know about "puters" and IP's absolutely hates AOL and will have absolutely nuthin t'do with them. After this, I cain't blame him one bit.

...and I gotta say, there was a time after spending several HOURS screwing around with these people that I felt like this!! Thanks "Charlie The Cop". The timing of its arrival was perfect!

**Sigh**. My Hero!! Wish that just once we could legally handle an obscene jesture this way!



Well Sir, fer the past several weeks now I've been experiencing various problems with my Cookshack E-mail file and have found myself "backing it up" many times per day so that I could receive and read my E-mails.

Now Sir, at bout 7:30 this AM, I found it necessary to again back-up the Cookshack file, and low and behold, MY BACK-UP FILE IS NOW GONE AS WELL! DAMN!!

Now y'all might be asking, "Why haven't I just contacted AOL and have the problem rectified?" Well Sir, did y'all ever have to deal with some Customer Service folks who are so aggravating and are such assholes that you absolutely dread making the phone call. The aggravation starting when it takes you 10 minutes of pressing 27 various numbers ( or speaking the number to a robotic voice analyzer that keeps telling you it "did not understand the request) on your telephone just to get through to a real live human person. THEN, if you are fortunate enough to have navigated yur way through this electronic nightmare, the person who is supposed to help and assist you treats you like, well, not very nice, OR ( and this really piss's me off), because yur probably speak'n to someone in India, Pakistan, "West Bumfuk NoPlace" or some other such outsourced locale, Ya cain't understand half of what the hell they're say'n to ya.

Recently, my good friend John Yowens from out Kansas way, who absolutely abhores AOL, sent me a copy of an article from "Focus" Magazine in which the AOL Customer Service has been rated #1 out of the 10 worst Customer Services ever!

**Sigh**, well today is the day I have been dreading and avoiding. I will finally have to deal with those "friendly helpful folks", so wish me luck, I'll need it.

If'n anyone reading the post has to contact me, or sent me an E-mail in the past 8-10hours, please leave a comment on this post so's I'll gets yur message. If'n ya don't get a response from a recent E-mail ya done sent me, you'll know why. I'm not ignoring you! If'n I'm successful (and I have my doubts), I'll put up a post stating such.

Y'all take care mates.