Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Watch-Fire t'night....Stop by! A Message fer HP!

Well Sir, been a busy week here at the Cookshack, hence, I ain't been a bloggin much this week, but I guess some of y'all mighta noticed that.

Tonight is the annual Memorial Day Watch-Fire at the New York State Fairgrounds off of Route 690, west of Syracuse,NY. If'n yur gonna be in the area, whether yur a veteran or not, stop by and get acquianted with a great group of Vets and their families. Just follow the signs! Last year several thousand folks participated and there is plenty of FREE parking.

BTW, if'n some of y'all do stop by, bring any of your old US Flags for proper disposal.

Please folks, unlike our illustrious pinhead of a President who isn't going to Arlington for a time honored ceremony, remember exactly WHAT this weekend is really all about, Cookie

...and a Message from our Military fer Hewlitt-Packard

Thanks "Chief" fer send'n us that...