Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ray Stevens duz it agin. "Come to the USA." and "Throw the Bums OUT!"

Thanks to Missy Susan Gertson who just happens to live in a border state and can relate to this song big time.

..and...."Throw The Bums Out!!" (Politicians that is.)

Yupper, you got it Ray! Whether yur a Republican, Democrat or Independent, makes no nevermind cause its NOT about Party affiliation. It's about your belief system and whether you support and defend the Constitution of The United States., "If yur an incumbent, YUR OUTTA THERE!!" We need to sweep Washington and other State and local governments with a big BROOM.

A very informative one minute video. The government agencies Obama has created IN JUST THE HEALTH CARE BILL only one year in office!!!

BTW, if a person gets a job with one of the new federal agency's created by Obama, who do you think that person will be voting for in the next election so he/she can keep their job??? Yupper, he's creating jobs alright, and to keep those jobs it will be incumbant upon that civil service employee keeping him and his party in power. Think about it mates!!