Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Ding Dong The Witch is Gone!" What BP is really think'n, and "Sproingo- ED Treatment"

Now Sir, I'm sure there's probably not too many of y'all out there that ain't seen this Helen Thomas video already, but, if'n ya ain't, here be what all the fuss is about!

Cookie, Mrs. Cookie and family have several Israeli and Jewish friends and family, and, WE STAND WITH ISRAEL!

Bill O'Reilly once intimated that she looked like "The wicked Witch of the West". In this man's book, how right he was!

Her resignation from the White House Press Corps is very appropriate. How can she ever report anything regarding Jews or Israel in an unbiased manner?? Unfortunately, many in the "Yellow Stream Media" think much like her!


BP gives an explanation and their rationale......


Cookie tried like hell to find an html code fer this next one so's I could post it, but sadly couldn't, so I had to post the below link instead.

I KNOW Y'all will get a big kick outta this one that "Charlie The Cop" sent us.

"Sproingo" ED Treatment! (Adult Content)

BTW men, if'n y'all got hear'n problem this may not help YOU that much, but it will help yur partner know when "the time is right!"!


In yesterday's post I mentioned an old TV program frum the late 60's, early 70's, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. If'n you used to watch it, here be some great "quickies". If'n ya never saw it cause yur too young, watch & learn!