Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GO GET EM GUNNY!!! 2nd Wednesday post.

Love It!

Absolutely LOVE this new commercial!!

Now Sir, before y'all watch this 20 second commercial, I gotta tell ya that Cookie was a State Credentialed Qualified Health Professional/Counselor in the Chemical Dependency field for 12 years, and this is basically how I counseled..TRUTH!! Remember, I'm an old Seabee and a retired Cop!

Of course t'be honest, I wouldn'ta used the word cry-baby. It would have sounded much more like the word....WUSSY!!!

Always found that good old fashioned HONESTY was far more therapeutic fer my patients!!

I also got a feel'n that that old (recently turned 64 years old) Gyrene "The Chief" would counsel the same way.